So you’ve had it with the existing strategies out there in the market place. The bank gives you just over 1.5%, the mutual fund companies and the stock market is not transparent enough and generally not delivering what they claimed. Or it’s as simple as not understanding risk. Try the “Cirrius” way . . . it will allow you to sleep better.


At Cirrius we have been making above average returns for our clients for years. Our strategy is simple.. For years we have been investing our clients’ money in 1st and 2nd mortgages. Usually for 1 year terms with returns paid out monthly. This practice is not unique to us but we have an advantage. We have surrounded ourselves with individuals that understand the different elements of the mortgage investment and have a sister company which is a Real Estate Brokerage Firm “Cirrius Realty Inc.”. The principals of both Cirrius Finance Corp. and Cirrius Realty Inc. have played many roles in their 60 plus combined years of real estate and mortgage business. We see many angles that the average investor does not see, consequently reducing risk.

We do not syndicate or pool monies as a general rule but sometimes a deal is too big for any one investor. The mechanics for funding solid large deals are simple. Before we communicate with each and every investor to make sure that we are in sync, we build a relationship. Then we find out what the investor is trying to accomplish, and proceed with investing their monies accordingly. At no point does Cirrius hold clients' funds.

The private mortgage investing world is very complicated but we have all the angles covered.

Real Estate Developments

Sometimes our real estate and business clientele do not see the potential in deals that we present to them. In those circumstances Cirrius Development Inc. may come forth and take on the deal as a Joint venture or a partnership with investors. These projects generate even better returns than mortgages but require considerable more energy for the principals of Cirrius. Cirrius takes a general partner position and projects usually take longer than 1 year to realize returns. The project evolution usually can be witnessed by the investor first hand. We try and match up the investor with projects near their place of residence. The returns can be paid monthly or at the end of the project and sometimes a portion monthly with the balance at the end of the project.

Business Financing

For a small to medium sized company requiring financing and consultancy help, investors' monies are used in the financing part but are monitored closely by Cirrius. The returns are higher than normal and paid out on a monthly basis. The term may be 1 month to 2 years. Securitization of accounts receivable, equipment, assets, etc., provides additional protection for the investor.

The banks are pulling back more and more in this area and the business owner is left scrambling. This effects the economy in a very negative way. Cirrius understands this and capitalizes. If you want to make above average returns this may be the investment you are looking for.

Other options

As we evolve many potential strategies are pitched to us, similar to TV shows such as “Dragons Den” or “Shark Tank”. Currently we are developing a team to take advantage of personal and corporate bankruptcies in the U.S.A. The expected returns are tempting. The assets purchased, can be resold with the difference being profit. This profit will be shared amongst our investors. Call and ask us about this strategy.

If any of these strategies interest you please call our principal Joseph Filice 905.481.3206 to start up a business relationship or drop him an email: