Cirrius Finance Corp. is a boutique mortgage brokerage and business finance consulting firm created in 2006. The founder and chief belief officer is Joseph Filice, who has had 30 years’ experience creating alternative financing solutions for thousands of customers the banks could not fit into their lending criteria. With access to unlimited private funds from the saviest investors across North America, who have been through all market cycles, we create flexible/creative options.

The banks make lending decisions based entirely on subjective criteria under which increasingly few borrowers can qualify. We, on behalf of our lenders look at both the objective and subjective side of the deal. We need to make sure the property and the borrower's assets will keep the loan secure, determine if the client will do what they say they will do and if they have the intent to pay back the loan. Our philosophy in business is to help people, not just turn them over in a transaction. We call this business sutra.

Our sister company, Cirrius Reality Inc., shares our office space with staff experienced in single family homes, investment properties, property management and marketing new condo developments, we work hand in hand. Cirrius’ mortgage agents, also have backgrounds in real estate as investors who understand the market, have experience rehabbing properties and know what changes are necessary to increase the value of a property.

Our business model revolves around agents hired only on their qualifications and principles, not their ability to turn over deals. We are the mouse that roared. We are local but with our associations, are capable of launching nationwide campaigns.